Monday, May 21, 2018

Math for journalists

Here's what it takes to pay for a typical news reporter's salary of $40,000 a year plus benefits ($50,000 total, figuring benefits packages including health insurance are 25 percent of salary).

➤417 subscribers each paying $10 a month.*
➤20 full-page newspaper ads @ $2,500.*
➤50 30-second spots on local TV news @ $1,000.*
➤2.5 million views of online ads @ $20 cpm.*

News organizations relying on people to pay for news are going to need bigger boatloads of subscribers.
*Prices vary by market/publication size/other factors but these are typical of small and midsize operations.
For example, a full-page, midweek black-and-white newspaper ad at open rate (at time of this post):
  • USA Today: $125,600
  • WSJ: $277,200
  • Milwaukee J-S: $23,688
  • Bozeman Daily Chronicle: $2,587 

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