Thursday, May 24, 2018

Author Philip Roth inspired newspaper headline

When Philip Roth, the novelist who wrote about Jewish life and male sexual identity, died May 22, 2018, at age 85, we recalled a headline he inspired many years earlier.

Stockton, California, residents with homes along a major waterway said they were annoyed by loud sounds emanating from increased cargo ship dock activity nearby. They even sued.

The December 1, 2000, headline:
By the way, a judge dismissed the suit in September 2002.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Math for journalists

Here's what it takes to pay for a typical news reporter's salary of $40,000 a year plus benefits ($50,000 total, figuring benefits packages including health insurance are 25 percent of salary).

➤417 subscribers each paying $10 a month.*
➤20 full-page newspaper ads @ $2,500.*
➤50 30-second spots on local TV news @ $1,000.*
➤2.5 million views of online ads @ $20 cpm.*

News organizations relying on people to pay for news are going to need bigger boatloads of subscribers.
*Prices vary by market/publication size/other factors but these are typical of small and midsize operations.
For example, a full-page, midweek black-and-white newspaper ad at open rate (at time of this post):
  • USA Today: $125,600
  • WSJ: $277,200
  • Milwaukee J-S: $23,688
  • Bozeman Daily Chronicle: $2,587