Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Items at Jilted Journalists

Tom Brown, a Daytona Beach News-Journal business reporter who took a buyout in June 2008 at age 61 after 38 years in the news business, sends this reminder:
Terminated people who worked at newspapers that still have defined-benefit pension plans need to pay attention to annual disclosures about the financial condition of their plans.

Should you contribute even if your company jilted it matching contribution?
Answer may surprise you!

AP jobs:
We asked AP how many of the Central and West editing hub jobs that were widely posted over the winter went to insiders vs. applicants from outside AP. The answer was vague.
Do you have information you can share for a Jilted Journalists story?


Anonymous said...

This is one time that journalists who were massacred through layoffs have the advantage. They could take their retirement out in a lump sum and reinvest (as risk averse as they want) so it is all in their control now. It is the upside of a down situation. Say thanks jilteds.

Anonymous said...

At least for those who were allowed to take it and not stuck waiting for annuities.